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Law Enforcement Network:

Law Enforcement Network is a security agency that enables citizens to communicate effectively with law enforcement agencies and security companies in real-time. This allows for a civilian/law enforcement partnership to stay vigilant against crime, ensure public well-being, and address medical issues in real-time. Our mission is to put citizens at the heart of emergency response, thus revolutionizing it. The LEN user-friendly mobile app features groundbreaking technology that enables individuals in distress to contact local first responders quickly and efficiently without dialing 911 or waiting for assistance. With over 7,000 call centers located in cities and towns across the United States, LEN's mobile app puts lifesaving help right in the palm of your hand.

At LEN, security is our top priority and we're revolutionizing the way organizations protect public safety. Our AI powered software uses machine learning algorithms to scan for potential threats with unprecedented accuracy - from weapons to other risks that could lead to tragedy. Now more than ever, citizens are reassured of their protection when utilizing this cutting edge solution.